"Something Is Very Wrong With Current Medical Approach Towards Diabetes!"

The number of diabetes patients has grown so fast and BIG that it has become a Gold Mine for the medical industries. More and more diabetic pills are flooding into the market to feed the worries of the patients without actually treating the root of the disease.

If those pills really work, why do you have to depend on them for the rest of your life? Look at those who did that, they followed the advices from professionals, they take the pills every day, they cut down or even abstain from the sugar and carbohydrate... But in the end, they still die painfully from the health complications such as organs failure which is directly caused by long term hyperglysemia (high blood glucose).

Big Pharma

What Went Wrong?

The 'smart' scientist in the Big Pharmas are not looking at the root cause Diabetes. As a matter of fact, they will never bother about it. All they care is to come out some chemical drugs that can temporary suppress the glucose level. Since the effect of the drugs is just temporary, you will have to depend on it forever and this provide a secure stable cash flow for the chain of indivuals or institutes that involve in delivering the pills to you...

The only way you can break out of the bad cycle (at least for you) is to begin by knowing the actual root of diabetes which is Acid (not Sugar!) and Oxidation. The answers are all within this book...

Truth of Diabetes


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